Chinese Stage Play 2018—Sly Affection 精英大学第8届舞台剧-《诡爱》

HELP Chinese Stage Play “Sly Affection”

Annual Stage Play. From the first production “Spotlight”, to the second one “The Straw”, the third one “Sly Affection” in 2012, “The Journey” and the “Hedda Gabler” in 2014 and 2015 which had received a great response from the audience. The audience have witness how this event and its passionate committees grow and expand throughout all these years. The main organizer of HELP Annual Stage Play is HELP Chinese Cultural Society (CCS). HELP Chinese Cultural Society is much honoured to have invited SeedismArt as the main directing team for all stage plays since year 2012. Again, Chinese Cultural Society will work with SeedismArt this year to create a new breakthrough. This time, we would re-perform our third work (of art), which is the “Sly Affection”. In 2012, this stage play performance had received an enthusiastic ovation from the audience, and a full house for every performance. Therefore, Chinese Cultural Society hopes to reproduce the original glory through this stage performance, and bring a completely new performance of “Sly Affection” in different ways to the audience.

This is a family drama that has combination of suspense and horror, love and hatred. Audience is guarantee to have a thrill ride of uncertain feelings, armrest clenching moments and nail biting experiences. In April 2018, Lee’s family will make a comeback and shake up the whole stage.

The death of Mr. Lee Zhe Xi, who succumbed to heart failure, has started a family uproar. Behind the masks of solemn faces and loud wails, each family member possessed sinister plans to gain the massive fortune that he had left behind. Both daughter and son were excited about being the successors of their father’s properties, but things were beyond their expectations, when Mandy, a lawyer, turned up claims to have Lee Zhe Xi’s will. They were unsatisfied with the arrangement especially when their stepmother, Leong Yong Xin was announced to be the successor of most of Lee Zhe Xi’s properties. The siblings decided to get back what rightfully belongs to them. In the midst of the dispute, Mandy revealed a shocking new that Lee Zhe Xi has another woman! When everyone was shocked by the truth, suddenly a series of paradoxical events happened to them…

精剧八 – 《诡爱》



富豪李泽希因心脏衰竭而去世,一对子女原以为可以继承爸爸生前遗留下来的公司和财产,卻万万没想到律师Mandy宣布的结果是他们的后妈梁泳芯才是这份遗嘱的最大受益人。两兄妹深感不忿决定要从梁泳芯的手上抢回他们的财产,在他们争执不下的当下, 律師Mandy却爆出李泽希原来在外面还有另外一个女人!当大家还在猜测这女人到底是谁的同時,家里突然發生了一連串吊诡的事件……

06/04/2018 - 07/04/2018
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Help University, Subang 2

Persiaran Cakerawala, 40150 Shah Alam, Malaysia

Open in Waze


普通票 – RM30
学生价 – RM25
Early Bird – RM20 (截至15/2/2018)


Ticket Price:
Normal Price – RM30
Student Price – RM 25
Early Bird – RM20 (Until 15th Feb 2018)


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