Junior Drumming Tournament 小鼓手二十四节令鼓邀请赛

Soliciting For the Sponsorship of the 1st Junior Drummers 24-Festive Drums Invitational Tournament

We will hold the 1st Junior Drummers 24-festive drums invitational tournament on 29th July 2018. Therefore, we hereby request your organization to provide support for the activities and jointly create a brand for the Junior Drummers 24-festive drums invitational tournament.

In order to contribute to the society, we provide bonuses up to RM10, 000. We hope that this bonus will help the daily operation of the drum teams, including purchase and maintenance of equipment and props, and also providing financial assistance to the drum team to carry on the culture.

The mission of VR Cultural and Creative Association Malaysia:

To carry on the traditions of, and promote Chinese traditional performing arts.
To create an art sharing space between schools
To educate children’s thinking, promote and improve enthusiasm for relevant literature and arts in Chinese primary schools with actual activities.
To build confidence among children and discover their hidden talents.
A new element is presented through the combination of art and literature.

Other than the tournament, VR Cultural and Creative Association Malaysia also prepared a series of cultural and creative performance projects for people to enjoy and cultural exchange, such as martial arts, dance, Diabolo, rhythmic gymnastics, and others.

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

SRJK (C)Naam Kheung

Jalan Cheras, Taman Pertama, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Open in Waze


Theme: The 1st Junior Drummers 24-festive drum invitational tournament


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Organizer       :        VR Cultural and Creative Association Malaysia

Producer         :        VR Drumming Academy


VR Drumming, the first Drumming Academy for Performing Arts in Malaysia,has allow the community to contact, learn and enjoy drumming through the opening of class for arts of drumming. There is also a professional drummer culture, arts and cultural performances to provide a drum major occasions, thus promoting the development of drum Arts and Culture.

VR Drumming was founded in the year of 2012 by our experienced Master Lee Cheng Wai who is the driving force for the arts of drum. He was involve in the planning of major events abroad and shows presentation, including holding the position as head judge for lots of drum competitions, assisting in the development of drum arts in Malaysia. The training base is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

VR Drumming is responsible for the cultural heritage and the promotion of education through the drum team. We believe that kids need to be educated in Chinese cultural since they are at young age, which all the good values such as hard work and loyalty can be learned through the arts and culture of drumming.



  • 2017, a festive drum performance performed by 388 drummers which was witnessed by our Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, YB Dato’ Seri Nazri Aziz. The performance secured an entry in the Malaysia Book of Records for the largest 24-festive drum performance.
  • 2017, Malaysia Most Impactful Cultural Award which greatly shows the contribution of VR Drumming Academy in the development of cultural art in Malaysia.
  • 2017, the founder of VR Drumming Academy was awarded in the World Grand Master Cultural & Gala Award Ceremony, leading him to become the youngest Grand Master in drum performing arts.

VR was named after “We are”, we believe that the arts of drum has no colour, racial or religion distinction. Every single one of us can have the opportunity to understand each other through the arts of drum. It can also be a media for national unity, showing that Malaysia is the image of a harmonious society.


Concept of Ideal Education


Building a field and industrial development with drum as the main concept, leading our partners together in our business innovation.


Promote the culture and education of drum arts. Provide training for professional drummers in order to improve the quality of performance.


Must follow orders. Must show the spirit as a team. Must take care of the image of the team and our own.


Creative Thinking· Responsible for own duty· Lookout for the latest ·Have gratitude


* Loyalty:Respect, Partnership

* Wisdom:Tolerate, Patience

* Perseverance:Hard working, Attention

* Bravery:Dare to admit, Dare so solve problems

* Peace:Kind-hearted, Harmony

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