Kiddo Charity Bazaar 儿童慈善市集

Come have a look how our little children be the helmsman, together with their parents in this amazing charity bazaar! Every single stall is run by our little one and parents. What motivation triggers them to do so? It’s all about appreciation and thankfulness as well as bringing dream and lights to the children in need.
快来看看有孩子们掌大舵、父母们支持的儿童市集吧! 这里有好玩、好吃的活动,每一摊位都是父母与孩子们用心准备的设计。大家那么用心努力的背后,是什么力量支持着? 是因为想要为有需要的儿童努力、尽一份心力,仅此而已。

Our little ones are very well taken care of and live in this cozy comfortable environment. Despite that, what makes people feel touch and warm is that they are aware of those children in need who live in a place where the basic needs such as education, nutrition, economic, etc are barren. Do you want to join the charity act together with the children?
我们的孩子很幸福,吃、喝、玩、乐都不是问题,但很令人感动的是,这班幸福的孩子与父母不忘那些在某个国度里上课、营养、老师、经济等等都很贫瘠的地方,有着跟他们一样的小孩,不同的是他们很需要帮助。 你愿意与我们的孩子们一同尽一份心力吗? ❤️

10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Persiaran Setia Prima

Persiaran Setia Prima

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