Opposites Abstract 2.0 – Non Finito Art Exhibition

“As Vasari says of Leonardo, “…he began many projects but never finished any of them, feeling that his hand could not reach artistic perfection in the works he conceived…” And of Michelangelo, “…the works he envisioned were of such a nature that he found it impossible to express such grandiose and awesome conceptions with his hands, and he often abandoned his works, or rather ruined many of them… for fear that he might seem less than perfect”.” – Jeremy Angie (May 07, 2001), New York Academy of Art.

Non Finito, in its literal meaning, “not finished” / “unfinished” carries with it more than just mere word to an artist in his or her creative processes. What met one’s eyes as unfinished, may appear as finished or completed by another’s, and vice versa. Who then, hold the reality of such?

Going into the fear that may be present in some of us, of things or self which ‘seem less than perfect’ – is a completed artwork equates to perfection, whereas the unfinished is less than perfect? Is there even such a thing called perfection? If so, who then, hold the reality of such?

Opposites Abstract 2.0 is going beyond all of the above to explore what Non Finito is to each of the artist and to the viewers of their arts. Intertwining with this, are the various forms of abstraction that each artist brings into their arts, creating an even deeper conversation and meaning on whether there is anything finite at all in arts or whether arts is meant to be Non Finito in the purity of its essence. Is art ever completed or finished, or is art an ongoing process of creation?… What about those who equates art to life – and life to art. Is life too, Non Finito?

21/12/2018 - 10/02/2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

University of Malaya Art Gallery

Lingkungan Budi, University of Malaya

Open in Waze


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