Projek K3 (Karya Kreatif Kita) – 2017

PROJEK K3 (Karya Kreatif Kita) is an initiative by Anomalist Production to groom young artists, especially playwrights and directors in our theatre scene in Malaysia.

This year, we gathered six passionate artists who will be participating in our 13 weeks intensive training focusing on playwriting, directing & acting. The Artists will then have a showcase at the end of this project, to present their new original plays that was written during the training.

13/12/2017 - 16/12/2017
12:00 am


32-2, 2nd Floor, Jalan USJ 10/1E, Taipan Business Center, 47620 Subang Jaya Selangor

Open in Waze


Khairi Anwar (Khairi Anwar)

Azmi Hud
RIhdwan Malik (Rihdwan Mc)
Nyna Roslan (Nyna Roslan)
Ayda Hussin (Nik Suziyanti Ayda)
Mustari Dahlan (Mustari Mohd Dahlan)
Farhan Aripin (Muhammad Farhan Aripin)



BLANK HEIST, by Rihdwan Malik
5 robber friends meet up three months after their heist with the intention to split up the money. Turns out that no one knows who handles the money last during the robbery. Each and everyone of them has different version of how the robbery happened, so which one of them is telling the truth?

L.I.A.T (Living in a Tychism), by Nyna Roslan
A man who always wanted to experience the feeling of being a father, finds his own way to achieve that; without getting married. He lives with his child and tries so hard to provide a normal life to the kid, eventhough the people around him acts against it.

ALAA MAK 2: MAK OH MAK, by Mustari Dahlan
A mother in law feels lonely after her husband passed away some years ago. The daughter in law sets up a few dates for her through social medias; FB, Tinder, etc, so that she can find her new companion. Will she find the right person?

SCIAMACHY, by Ayda Hussin
Pressured to finish his study with flying colours so that he won’t lose his scholarship, a male student from a poor family background, fights with his past and struggling to move on. He knows if he is too bold and too honest, there is a risk of losing something that matters to him the most, forever.

INTROSPEKSI, by Farhan Aripin
A guy who will always offer a shoulder to cry on and lends his ears to listen to other people’s problems, but he himself doesn’t have anyone to discuss about hiw own problems, except for his reflection in a mirror.

SAND CASTLE, by Azmi Hud
A male young adult who has been changing partners for countless amount of time, ends up with someone older lady, who is genuinely taking care of his study and well being. The guy, being very immature, still continues to play around with his life and take the lady for granted. Being a womanizer, he never felt such painful break up as this one.

8.30pm & 3pm (Matinee on Saturday and Sunday)

RM35 (Public)
RM25 (Student)
RM18 (Matinee)
RM18 (Preview)
For STUDENTS ONLY, we have BUY 4 GET 1 FREE promotion (valid only for night shows from 14th – 17th December)

Any enquiries on the whole project, show or ticketing, please do reach us through email at

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Ticketing Hotline: 019 527 3976 (Farhan) or 013 325 6594 (Ayda)



Anomalist Production would like to thank theatrethreesixty for the tremendous support towards PROJEK K3. TheatreThreeSixty generously provided us their very own space, Lot’ng in Taipan, for us to conduct our workshops and rehearsals. Our upcoming showcase will also be held in Lot’ng.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the following guest mentors for their time and knowledge.

Khairunazwan Rodzy (Khairunazwan Rodzy)
Christopher Ling (Christopher Ling)
Fasyali Fadzly (Fasyali Fadzly)
Kelvin Wong (Kelvin Wong)
Esther Liew (Esther Liew)
Meng Kheng Tan (Meng Kheng Tan)
Nabil Zakaria (Nabil Zakaria)

Nandang Abdul Rahman (Nandang Abdul Rahman)
Tarrant Kwok (Tarrant Kwok)
Fay Rhatmanee (Fay Rhatmanee)
TheatreSauce (Theatresauce)

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