Round Table YI Collectivo – Role of MyPAA in the performing arts ecology of Malaysia by Izzan Satrina

Round Table YI Collectivo – 3

Izan Satrina will share the role of MyPAA in the performing arts ecology of Malaysia


About Izzan Satrina
Izan Satrina Mohd Sallehuddin is highly experienced and goal-­‐oriented with a track record of consistently meeting and exceeding established goals and objectives. She founded My Performing Arts Agency (MyPAA) in May 2012, a private Malaysian organisation set up to cultivate an ecosystem in which creative workers are able to do what they do best: tell our stories, heal our heartbreaks, free our dreams.

About MyPAA
A member of the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA), MyPAA is one of Malaysia’s leading cultural and creative industries development partners that is set up to cultivate an ecosystem in which creative workers are able to do what they do best: tell stories, heal heartbreaks, explore and challenge their creative realms. We aim to promote entrepreneurship across multiple creative fields, nurture a skilled and empowered arts workforce, and multiply the number of people experiencing the arts. Our roles include arts management for arts organisations, strategic arts engagement and outreach planning.


About Roundtable Collectivo
The Roundtable Collectivo promotes conversations and exchanges on an equal platform. Different themes and topics will be explored in roundtable discussions to gather diverse views and opinions in the performing arts. While deepening the understanding among performing artists in Malaysia, it also tries to understand and analyse the organic and political ecology in local performing arts. News ideas will constantly be reviewed and discussed in an equal and democratic way without inhibitions for mutual learning.

This project is initiated by Loh Kok Man, with the support of INXO Arts and Culture (L) Foundation, organised by ASLI.



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關於Izan Satrina Mohd Sallehuddin
Izan Satrina Mohd Sallehuddin擁有豐富的工作與社会經驗,并且是目標導向的强人,具有持續達標,甚至超越既定目標的記錄。2012年5月,她成立了私人機構“馬來西亞表演藝術機構”(My Performing Arts Agency, MyPAA),營造讓創意人全心全意創作的藝術氛圍,包括:述説我們的故事,治愈我們的創傷,釋放我們的夢想。


MyPAA是馬來西亞文化創意產業發展合作的主要機構之一,致力于營造健全的藝術生態,讓創意人才在说書、藝術療愈、探索與挑戰創意領域等都能發揮極致。MyPAA主要推動各創意領域進行創業、培育成爲擁有藝術並受承認的創意人、並在“量”方面廣增參舆藝術活動的群衆。此外,MyPAA也為藝術團體提供藝術管理、藝術策略和外展計劃的服務。目前MyPAA是國際藝術理事會和文化機構聯合會(International Federation of Arts Council and Culture Agencies, IFACCA)的成員之一。




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Organised by : The INXO Arts and Culture Foundation
Supported by: ASLI


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