U-Theatre Performing Arts Camp 2014 《優人表演藝術體驗營》

The U-Theatre Performing Arts Camp is a carefully designed curriculum for body and mind distilled from over 25 years of practice by U-Theatre. Led by Artistic Director Ruo-yu Liu and Music Director Chih-chun Huang, offering the curriculum including sacred dance, physical theatre action, martial arts, meditation and drumming training.

In this camp you will experience a condensed process of how U-Theatre combines the embodiment of Tao (self-improvement) and Art (the learning of techniques and artistic skills) to train a versatile performer. Rediscover yourself, challenge your potential, and dialogue with your body. Feel the power of simplicity, serenity and focus.



07/02/2014 - 08/02/2014
All Day

New Era University College Black Box Theater

Jalan Bukit, Taman Bukit Mewah, Kajang, Selagor

Open in Waze


Date: 7/2/2014-8/2/2014 (1 Day & 1 Night)

Time: Register at 3PM on 7/2/2014; continue with the lessons until 5PM on 8/2/2014

Venue: New Era Organic Farm (Janda Baik, Bentong Pahang)

Numbers of Enrollment: 15-20

Basic Requirements:
1. Between the ages of 18-35
2. Good health and stamina
3. Basic performance foundation in theatre/drama/dance etc. Passion in performing arts.

Registration Fee: RM 650 (including the cost of accommodation and meals, certificate, instructor fees and administrative fees)

1. Complete the registration form online
(www.u-theatrepac2014.hpcproduction.com) or send it to rocky@hpcproduction.com
2. Applicant who are qualified will be notified by email and phone call, then proceed to pay the registration fee
3. Unqualified applicant will be notified by email only

Inquiries: +6011-1244 7283 / +6017-870 0585


Main Event

‘Meeting with Bodhisattva’ by U-Theatre of Taiwan 2014 Premieres in Malaysia 優人神鼓《金剛心》2014 大馬首演

Date: 16 March 2014 (Sun)

Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil


Sub Events




Date: 12 March 2014 (Wed)

Venue: Sin Chew Media Corporation Bhd

Arts Bazaar 優人神鼓《金剛心》場外全天候文創園區

Date: 16 March 2014 (Sun)

Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil

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Co-Organized by: Hands Percussion | Purple Cane Group

Instructed by: U-Theatre of Taiwan

Produced by: HPC Production, Malaysia

Workshop Hosts:
1. Liu, Ruo-yu (U-Theatre Artistic Director)
A leading theatrical performer in the early 1980s and a native of Taiwan, Ms. Liu earned her MA in Theatre Arts from New York University, and was selected for a year-long master class under Polish director Jerzy Grotowski.

In 1988 Ms. Liu founded U-Theatre and introduced novel facets of drumming, meditation, and martial arts to create a series of original works integrated with a wide range of elements drawn from music, literature, drama, dance and ritual.

In 2008 Liu was awarded the 12th Annual Taiwan National Award for Arts: Best Art Performer.

2. Huang, Chi-chun (U-Theatre Drumming and Martial Arts Master)
Born in Malaysia, Mr. Huang has been a drumming and martial arts practitioner for over 30 years, and is known for his mastery in synthesizing these two disciplines into a new form of performing arts.

Mr. Huang joined U-Theatre in 1993 as Drumming Master. His unconventional training regime of “meditation before drumming” has both elevated the disposition of the troupe and laid down a solid foundation for a contemporary artistic expression uniquely characteristic of U-Theatre.
Prior to joining U-Theatre, Mr. Huang performed with Taipei Folk Dance Theater and Cloud Gate Dance Theatre.

3. Liu, Shu-chih / Li, Yan-hui (Assisting Trainers)
U-Theatre Senior Performers

1. 優人神鼓藝術總監 – 劉若瑀



2. 優人神鼓音樂總監與鼓樂武術指導 – 黃誌群
黃誌群為優人神鼓音樂總監,1965年出生於馬來西亞,六歲開始學習擊鼓,十歲正式拜師學習中國武術,浸淫在武術與擊鼓的世界超過二十年。曾加入臺北民族舞團及雲門舞集,隨團巡演於歐洲、美國和非洲等許多國家。他於1993年初到印度,學習靜坐及領悟 「活在當下」的智慧,從此多次進出印度與西藏。當年受劉若瑀之邀,擔任「擊鼓指導」,以「先學靜坐,再習擊鼓」的方式,改變了劇團的體質,奠定了優人以擊鼓與武術的表演形式基底。黃志群認為「表演不是向外投射的力量,而是內在自我的探尋。」

3. 助理講師 – 劉書志與李彥慧

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