Purple Cane, Shaw Parade

INXO Arts and Culture X Theatrex Asia 

Everybody in the arts wants their art events to be featured in the media. Not only it is free publicity, it is also an effective way to promote their company and their activities. It is also a way to raise awareness to their arts companies. To achieve all these objectives in one-single media release seems impossible. This compact workshop will give you practical steps on how to do go about creating/writing a media Release that will perform all the basic functions of promoting the company and the event at hand in the short time possible. It will also give you “mental” plans on how to go about writing a good media release. As part of Theatrex Asia’s community support initiative for artists and arts managers in Malaysia, this reasonably priced workshop will be an incentive compared with similar ones offered for corporates.

每个艺术工作者都希望媒体人会帮忙宣传他们的作品。不仅因为这是免费宣传,也是让准观众能了解他们的艺术团体。要把这一切实现,宣传稿/新闻稿非常重要,也会是一件艰难的事情。这个工作坊旨要传授实践工作法门,撰写有效新闻稿,不论是在宣传艺术团体或活动方面,抑或是策划行销策略之思考。这是Theatrex Asia回馈马来西亚艺术社群的活动。费用与商业团体的大所不同。

Course Details:

Date: 15 April 2017
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Venue: Purple Cane, Shaw Parade
Price: RM180 per participant (Minimum 10 participants)