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About INXO


The INXO Arts & Culture (L) Foundation was established to manage and develop arts and culture education in a sustained manner. Transcending social, racial and national boundaries, it is a platform upon which people come forward to contribute and share their wisdom, resources and efforts. We take upon ourselves the mission in bridging the local and the international scenes, fulfilling our social obligation and responsibility, advocating entrepreneurship and innovation in culturally-oriented undertakings, and contributing to the soft power of the nation.

The term ‘INXO’ is a combination of ‘in’, phonetically similar to ‘yun’ (云), meaning cloud; and ‘xo’, which sounds like ‘shou’ (手), literally hands. Ever changing in its form up in the sky, cloud is a metaphor of our free flowing concepts and innovative ideas. Hands, meanwhile, are a symbol of the tangible efforts and practices in our world.

The term is commonly applied in the context of traditional Chinese opera, dances and the practice of Taichi. Generally, it refers to a set of smooth hand movement inspired by the ethereal cloud. The INXO initiative leverages on the smooth and natural course of the mass efforts in our world. According to I-ching, Earth Mother or kun, which harbours immense love and endless virtues, is the source of infinite strength.

We need a strong combined force to propel local culture, arts and education forward and upward. This could only be realized by the mobilisation of mass efforts.

INXO is the name chosen to illustrate the way in which we realise our role as a promoter of arts and culture.

The INXO Arts & Culture (L) Foundation is committed to achieving the common good and moving with the times. Working hand in hand with the people, we shall continue our long journey as a worthy promoter of arts, culture and education.


The INXO Arts & Culture Foundation aspires to be a pioneer and leader in culture, arts and education. With a firm foothold in Malaysia, we seek to spread our wings internationally. Founded on the basis of innovation and entrepreneurship, we are committed to the long-term professional development of Malaysian non-profit organizations.


Presenting high quality local and international performing arts.


Promoting the interface of local and internatinal arts and culture; showcasing Malaysian arts and culture to the world.


Producing works and activities of arts with Malaysian flavour that transcend national, racial and cultural devides by nurturing and encouraging innovative ideas.


Putting up platforms of innovation and education that integrate local values with the participation of corporation and non-profit organizations.


To be a sustained cultural foundation that delivers values and pioneers in a professional, effective and systematic manner.

Incorporation of the INXO Arts & Culture (L) Foundation

The Foundation was incorporated in the Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia on May 25, 2015.