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Chern Art

The Origin of ``Da Mo Yun Shou``

“Benevolence repays each other, predestined relationship arises, and predestined relationship arises from society, mutual assistance and coexistence.

Master Chi Chern is well aware of the importance of culture and art to personal character and national social quality. He is grateful for the hardships of all beings during the epidemic, and specially gave away precious calligraphy for the Yunshou Cultural and Creative Foundation to conduct public welfare exhibitions and sales online. After deducting production expenses, the proceeds will be used to support the promotion and cultivation of culture and art.

The beauty of the master’s calligraphy and painting creation, in its rigorous structure, relaxed white space, and sometimes naughty and interesting fluttering thoughts and composition, are all good at attracting the appreciator into a calm and relieved state of mind; taste the Zen enlightenment and Buddha in the master’s pen The verses and scriptures cannot help but make people feel and yearn for them, and they happen as they wish. Masters often come from unorthodox painting and calligraphy training. They write purely for their preferences and personal practice. However, after years of diligent creation, they have become a style of their own and are deeply loved by everyone. Therefore, there are many people who have been seeking words for many years.

This exhibition and sale will have good luck. In order to let more friends have the opportunity to collect the master’s calligraphy, two collection methods are provided for selection: 1. More than 10 original paintings of the master’s calligraphy are auctioned; 2. There are also 20 master calligraphy and paintings. Choose fine paper for custom printing, make it into a collection that can be decorated in the home or office environment, and open limited time and limited reservations.

Looking forward to seeing you with compassion!

【Master Chi Chern】


Malaysian Chinese, born in Taiping, Perak in 1955. Venerable Master Chi Chern was the first appointed Dharma heir of renowned Chan Master Sheng-yen. He is the Principal of Malaysia Buddhist Institute, the Abbot of Pu Zhao Monastery in Johor, Malaysia, Vice President of Malaysia Buddhist Association, Spiritual Teacher of Young Buddhist Association Malaysia, President of Malaysia Buddhist Digest Publication, Spiritual Teacher of Malaysia Taiping Buddhist Association, and Spiritual Teacher of Mahabodhi Monastery in Singapore. Master Chi Chern teaches extensively and leads many Chan meditation retreats in various parts of the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Croatia, Taiwan, United States, Canada, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, and England.


【INXO Arts and Culture (L) Foundation】

The INXO Arts & Culture (L) Foundation was established in 2015 to manage and develop arts and culture education in a sustained manner. Transcending social, racial and national boundaries, it is a platform upon which people come forward to contribute and share their wisdom, resources and efforts. We take upon ourselves the mission in bridging the local and the international scenes, fulfilling our social obligation and responsibility, advocating entrepreneurship and innovation in culturally-oriented undertakings, and contributing to the soft power of the nation.