Plates Magazine, Vol. 3: Water

Plates is a new biannual food culture magazine that seeks hyperlocal stories with a global relevance.

Plates, Vol.3, to be released mid-2020, focuses on water, a basic necessity, yet often overlooked and taken for granted in a recipe.

Straying from celebrity chef interviews and restaurant reviews, Plates uses food as a conversation starter with the belief that it has the potential to transcend language, cultural, social and political barriers. Each issue is built around the theme of a single ingredient.

This collector’s publication aims to attract an international audience, who may be desensitised towards certain issues, by replating those discussions in a more digestible manner to steer their attention towards meatier conversations.

The print issue will explore the cultural values and practices related to water sources, those who have access to water and those who do not, and the significance of water in artistic creations.

Plates is currently stocked in three countries, including the US, Italy and Malaysia. Follow @platesmagazine on Instagram and Facebook for live story-gathering updates. More on


Plates Magazine, Vol. 3: Water


Tan Dee May