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The Dialogue Of Lack / Lost Season 2 2019: An Exploratory Project In Artistic Expression & Theatre Devising

The Dialogue of Lack and Lost: An Exploratory Project in Artistic Expression & Theatre Devising will revamp our organizational structure, replacing the traditional model of theatre practitioners filling specialised production roles. Instead, there will be a core team of 6 theatre practitioners from various backgrounds to collectively take on a range of job scopes, such as: performance, visuals, marketing, etc. This progressive model addresses the erosion of the artistic ethos caused by resource limitations, professionalised job allocation and technical compartmentalization. This year, this project will attempt to relook the intent, pulse and values behind theatre making. We achieve this by deconstructing and reconstructing the current theatre production model, so as to integrate creative, production and technical aspects as a whole.

The theatre devising process builds on 2017’s run of A Dialogue of Lack/Lost to further study the character- and theme-based collective improvisation technique which the latter applies. By examining contemporary themes, and deconstructing the facets of an actor (i.e. the acts, actioning, acting), micro dialogues within groups comprising 2 or more performers will be used to develop a theatre presentation that could connect and be on the same level with audiences in a collective dialogue. This tiering (individual to micro to collective dialogues) simulates real world dialoguing and thus reflectively reveals “the being of the person”.


The Dialogue Of Lack / Lost Season 2 2019


Yeo Lyle


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